Portfolio Management

For clients who require a personalised portfolio we can provide either a discretionary or a non-discretionary portfolio service.

The discretionary service is designed for clients who wish to leave the worry of day to day investment management and the burden of administration to a professional investment manager. After considering factors such as risk profile, time horizon, income requirement, tax planning and personal preferences we are able to implement an appropriate investment strategy. This will generally be based around the Heritage Funds but can be tailored further depending on individual requirements.

The non-discretionary service is suitable for clients who wish to take responsibility for the management of their own portfolio. With this service clients are able to call upon our advice, expertise, research capabilities and comprehensive and advantageous dealing facilities to implement their own strategy.
Our own experience and qualifications, allied to our long standing relationships with an extensive network of banks, brokers and other investment professionals allows us to provide expertise on all the major classes of investments available through the financial markets. Typical investments include equities, investment funds, fixed interest securities and cash. We also have expertise in more advanced investment techniques involving derivatives, as well as forward currency contracts, hedge funds and offshore investment.