Fees for the provision of Investment Services:

  • Investment management fees are based on a % of the portfolio value and are charged quarterly.
  • Heritage Funds – Holdings in any of the Heritage Funds are subject to a charge of 0.0625% per quarter (0.25% pa).
  • All other investments – The fees for investments in listed equities, investment funds, bonds and any other holdings within the Heritage investment account are dependent on the basis of management;
  • Discretionary portfolio management – 0.25% per quarter (1.0% pa)
  • Non-discretionary – 0.125% per quarter (0.5% pa)


  • The minimum portfolio size is £100,000.
  • The minimum quarterly charge is £50.
  • The minimum investment in the Heritage Funds is £20,000 (£10,000 minimum investment in the SVS Heritage Balanced Portfolio Fund)
  • Transaction fees on the sale and purchase of investments are based on the value of the transaction and where applicable are in addition to any stamp duty, exchange fees and brokers charges etc.
  • Transaction charge – 0.25% of the transaction value.
  • There are no transaction fees or initial charges for investments in the Heritage in-house funds for Heritage clients.

Non-investment related administration

Any additional administrative work of a non-investment related nature that is required to be performed will be charged on a time basis.

Download a copy of our Investment Fees PDF