Cash Management

Our Multi-Currency Cash Management Service is available through the Heritage Investment Account and is designed to maximise the return on surplus cash.

Cash deposits are placed with highly rated offshore & UK banks. The service is multi-currency and competitive exchange rates are obtained through our relationships with these banks.
Attractive interest rates are achieved through our ability to deposit clients’ money collectively.
The Investment Account is primarily designed to facilitate investment related transactions and receipt of investment income.
The account can also be used to earn an attractive rate of interest on surplus cash or as a “current account” for non investment related payments and receipts if required.
Interest is credited and statements are provided quarterly – however additional statements and balances can be provided on request.
Interest is credited gross (i.e. there is no tax deducted). However, income may need to be declared and tax paid separately depending on each client’s individual circumstances.
All cash balances are available to clients at call (i.e. there is no notice period required for withdrawals).
A deposit service is also available offering higher rates for those clients who have significant cash balances which can be tied up for longer periods.
Payments can be made either by cheque/money order or transfer anywhere world-wide.