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The majority of our clients choose our fund management service as the simplest and most efficient way for us to manage their investment portfolio. We believe that it is important to align our own interests with those of our clients and so the bulk of our own families’ wealth is invested in the Heritage funds.

Heritage Managed Portfolio Fund

The Managed Portfolio Fund was launched in 2000 and seeks to generate long-term capital growth at a lower risk than that associated with pure equity market investment by investing in a well balanced portfolio of equities, specialist funds, fixed interest securities and property based investments. The Fund is a Guernsey regulated and domiciled accumulation fund.

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SVS Heritage Balanced Portfolio Fund

The SVS Heritage Balanced Portfolio Fund was launched in 2016 as a UK domiciled and FCA regulated fund which means that it is able to accommodate a wider range of investors, including ISAs.

The fund adopts the same approach as the Heritage Managed Portfolio Fund and invests across a range of securities including equities, preference shares, bonds, property and cash.

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Deadlines for Subscriptions and Redemptions 

Heritage Managed Portfolio

Requests for subscriptions to and redemptions from the Fund must be received by Heritage by the close of business on the last business day of the month. In the case of subscriptions, we must be in receipt of cleared funds by the last business day of the month in order to meet the above requirements. Redemptions of shares are paid out on the 5th business day after the month-end and can only be paid into an account in the name of the investor (which is usually maintained with Heritage). Unfortunately, no exceptions can be made if these deadlines are missed for any reason. It is, therefore, important that clients plan their cash flow requirements with these monthly deadlines in mind and, if necessary, hold slightly larger cash balances in our cash management facility if there is any chance that they may require funds between month-ends.

SVS Heritage Balanced Portfolio Fund

This fund is a daily dealing fund. Settlement for redemptions is four working days after the redemption date.

Important Notice

The above information does not constitute an offer to subscribe for shares and should be read in conjunction with the full text of the Scheme Particulars (for the HMPF) and the Fund Prospectus (for the SVSHBPF).