We are pleased to report that the SVS Heritage Balanced Portfolio Fund, our newest fund which was launched at the end of 2016, has now completed its initial 3 year track record and that with a return of just under 30% it has significantly outperformed the overall equity market ( the FTSE 100 index increased by just 8% over the same period ), with significantly lower volatility (i.e. risk).

Based on this impressive performance, the Fund has also now been awarded the highest rating by the major fund analysis and research groups including Morningstar and Lipper (5 star ratings) and FE Trustnet (5 Crown).


The SVS Heritage Balanced Portfolio Fund is a UK regulated fund that invests in a diversified multi-asset portfolio including equities, bonds, property and cash and seeks to mirror the strategy and performance of the offshore Guernsey regulated Heritage Managed Portfolio Fund, which has built a successful track record since its inception in 2000.