About Heritage Capital Management

Heritage was formed in 1992 as a partnership between the Olsen and Glew families with a view to providing a personal service to private clients who are primarily concerned with preserving and enhancing their accumulated wealth. Our investment approach has therefore always been fairly conservative and fortunately this has helped us to navigate some fairly turbulent times over the years, including the bursting of the technology bubble in the early 2000s as well as the great financial crisis of 2008.

One of our early major developments was the establishment in 1996 of the Heritage Investment Funds, as this allowed us to genuinely pool our own family money with our clients and enabled us to more efficiently and effectively manage larger amounts for a growing number of clients. From under £20 million at inception, these funds have increased significantly in size and the Heritage Managed Portfolio Fund, which has been a particularly strong performer and has itself grown to over £200m now accounts for over half of our firm’s total assets under management. We are proud to say that the increasing amounts entrusted to us to manage over the years has arisen entirely from our focus on doing a good job for our existing clients and relying on them and our network of contacts for referrals.

Another important factor has been the stability of our team. Whilst nearly all of our peers and competitors have succumbed to endless changes in corporate ownership and personnel, our core team at Heritage has now been together for over 20 years. This longevity has allowed us to build genuinely long-term investment strategies as well as long-standing relationships with our clients and in many cases we are now looking after second and even third generations of families.

Overall we believe that the foundations and principles that we have established together with the experience that we have gained over the past 3 decades leave us very well placed to meet the inevitable challenges that we will face in the future.



Heritage co-founder Roy Glew retires at the end of March.


The Heritage Managed Portfolio Funds celebrates its 20th anniversary. £100,000 invested at launch in 2000 would now be worth £330,000 at the end of 2020.


The SVS Heritage Balanced Portfolio Fund achieves an initial 3 year track record which earns it a top 5 star rating from the major fund rating group, Morningstar.


The SVS Heritage Balanced Portfolio Fund is launched as a new UK regulated fund to mirror the offshore Managed Portfolio Fund and allow a wider range of investors including ISA investments.


Jemma Glew ( now Spencer ) joins the Heritage team.


Heritage’s total funds under management reach £200m and the Managed Portfolio Fund passes £100m.


The Managed Portfolio Fund completes its initial 10 year track record with a positive return of just under 70%, despite a very poor decade for markets generally with the FTSE 100 and MSCI £ World indices both ending the decade below where they started.


Heritage’s own funds reach £100m and total funds under management exceed £150m.


Heritage moves from its original home at 40 Broadway, opposite St James’s Park tube station, to its current home next door on the 6th floor of Broadway House.


Heritage’s total funds under management reach over £100m.


Heritage Capital Management Limited becomes fully independent from Polygon and Heritage Trust via a management buyout led by Graeme Olsen and Roy Glew.


The Heritage Managed Portfolio Fund is launched.


Co-founder of Heritage, David Olsen retired and Guernsey insurance group Polygon takes a stake in Heritage Capital Management and its sister company, Heritage Trust Limited.


Heritage launches its first in-house funds under the offshore Heritage Investment Fund umbrella structure.


Heritage Capital Management Limited is formed in London as a partnership between the Olsen and Glew families and starts to manage investments for private clients as well trust clients of Heritage Trust in Guernsey.